Platfoban is the best game I've ever played

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22-12-2021, 06:12

Platfoban is a fun 2D brain trainer that you can play online. Nobody can accuse you of wasting time on video games from now on.

The gameplay is both simple and difficult. To move, use the WASD keys or the arrow keys. In the confined space of a dungeon, move the boxes. Collect the coins while performing amazing tricks.

Platforming and Sokoban are the two game modes!

You can run and jump in this Platforming mode. The monsters sleep soundly and don't mind being used as static objects.

You can move blocks, coins, and other objects in this Sokoban mode. Monsters, in turn, can be awoken. They're more dangerous in this location, as they pursue and attack the main character.

Tips for you to play Platfoban like a pro:
- Boxes can only be pushed and not pulled.
- This is a hard and fast rule that cannot be broken.
- To change modes\, press Q or Shift.
- When you're stuck\, use this. Yes\, you can do it while finishing the level.
- Press Space to change modes.
- This will protect you from the sharp-toothed chests' ferocious attacks.

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08-01-2022, 04:01

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15-03-2022, 07:03

Platfoban is quite good but the level 19 is so difficult. I can't get pass to it. I just quit the game and played Gacha Club instead. I don't want to stress myself out because of this game. Atleast Gacha Club is stress free for me. If you want the game for free. Download here .

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