Russia-Ukraine: Behind the Putin-Macron Negotiations When Europe enters the most dangerous period

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01-05-2022, 11:05

imageRussia-Ukraine: Behind the Putin-Macron Negotiations When Europe enters the most dangerous period

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“According to my understanding We are living in one of the most dangerous times of security in Europe. after the end of the Cold War,” Borrell told reporters on Monday.

His comments came after French President Emmanuel Macron told Russian President Vladimir Putin: He was determined to avoid war. and tried to build trust during his visit to Moscow

This trip to Russia This made Macron the first Western leader to visit Moscow. After Russia began to mobilize its troops near the border with Ukraine.

Macron is expected to run for the presidency again this April. position yourself as "Mediator" in the Ukrainian crisis This was echoed by France's skepticism over the US and other Western nations speculating that Russia was about to launch an attack on Ukraine soon.

Macron told the Russian president that He is looking for useful interactions. “Which of course will prevent us from going to war. And it creates trust, stability, clarity.”

As Putin said Russia and France have shared concerns about what is to come in the European security domain.

“I see the hard efforts of the French leader. wanting to solve the crises related to securing equality in Europe for a serious historical perspective,” Putin said.

Ahead of his visit to Russia, Macron is scheduled to visit the Ukrainian capital Kiev on Tuesday. gave an interview to the media that The geopolitical goals of Russia today It's clearly not Ukraine. Rather, it makes rules about the coexistence between NATO and the EU. have more clarity.”

Upon arrival in Russia Macron told reporters that “I am quite optimistic. But I don't believe in miracles.”

Al-Jazeera journalists reported from Moscow that Putin appears cheerful when meeting Macron. but after the negotiations ended His expression looked slightly different.

“Putin did not show much joy. He is also steadfast in his own opinions and beliefs. and sometimes what he said Straight to the point and professional,” Al Jazeera reporter said.


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