The leaders of Japan and the United States agreed to strengthen the Japan-US alliance.

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17-07-2022, 07:07

imageThe leaders of Japan Credits-Credits are coins that are converted into coins when
they are on a machine, suchSLOTXOas a nickel slot machine. When a dollar is inserted
into a machine, the player has and the United States agreed to strengthen the Japan-US alliance.

Japanese and US leaders concluded a bilateral summit in Tokyo on Monday, May 23, at a joint press conference. The two leaders emphasized that they would strengthen the Japan-US partnership.

The meeting was held as the world continued to focus on the fighting in Ukraine. Prime Minister Kishida Fumio of Japan and President Joe Biden of the United States underscored the need to secure the Ukrainian area.

Mr. Kishida stated that “I have announced my intention to allocate a higher value defense budget. And President Biden strongly supports this. We have also agreed to expand and strengthen cooperation between Japan and the United States to ensure stability.”

Mr Biden said “I also appreciate Prime Minister Kishida's determination to strengthen Japan's defense capabilities. A strong Japan and a strong US-Japan alliance will be a force in the region.”

The two leaders said they would continue their leadership role to protect the Indo-Pacific region. Japan and the United States will work together with South Korea to keep an eye on North Korea. As North Korea continues to develop weapons, Chinese influence is also a key issue in discussions.

The Japanese leader said “We emphasize the importance of ensuring peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, which are essential elements for the peace and prosperity of the international community. We also call for a peaceful solution between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait."

Discussions on international unity also extend to the United Nations. Both leaders agreed on the need for reform. Mr Biden stated that The United States will support Japan's efforts to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

Kishida also used the meeting to announce his wish to hold a summit next year of the world's top seven industrialized nations, or G7, in Hiroshima. which is his birthplace

The Japanese leader said This would be a crucial message for global nuclear disarmament.


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