How to eat "sweet potato" to Just come in and fill

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Sweet potato is a root vegetable that Japanese people like to eat. Sweet potatoes are reported to be one of the vegetables eaten daily by many people on the island of Tokunoshima, an island over 100 years old. Bifidobacterium, a type of good bacteria, was found in the intestines of people who regularly eat sweet potatoes in high amounts. This bacteria is helpful in helping to maintain a healthy gut environment and to help strengthen the body's immune system. Learn about the benefits of sweet potatoes in terms of helping to prevent and relieve constipation. and food menus from sweet potatoes that help prevent and relieve constipation from Japanese people

Benefits of Sweet Potatoes in Preventing and Relieving Constipation
100 grams of sweet potatoes contain 3 grams of fiber. Japanese sweet potato fiber helps prevent constipation by increasing the number of good bacteria in the gut and stool volume. which helps to excrete smoothly Japanese sweet potatoes are also rich in yarapin, a thick paste that is easily noticeable when raw Japanese sweet potatoes are cut. The Japanese extracted Yarapin and used it as a laxative. They work together with dietary fiber to help prevent and relieve constipation.

How to Eat Sweet Potatoes to Help Prevent and Relieve Constipation
The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare recommends that Japanese people eat 20 grams of healthy fiber per day for men and 18 grams per day for women. According to a recent report, Japanese people average about 14 grams of dietary fiber per day. An additional 200 grams of sweet potato per day, or approximately one head, is sufficient to provide the body with the necessary amount of fiber for good excretion. However, sweet potatoes have a ratio of 2 insoluble and soluble fibers: 1. Insoluble fiber increases the amount of stool. And soluble fiber will soften the large amount of feces in the intestines and make it easier to excrete. Therefore, an effective way of eating sweet potatoes to prevent and relieve constipation is to eat Japanese sweet potatoes with vegetables or fruits that are high in soluble fiber. Menus that help prevent and relieve constipation well are as follows:


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